LFAS Dry Grad
What is a Dry Grad?

​Dry Grad Event immediately follows the Grad Dinner Banquet.

Dry Grad is organized & supervised by parents to ensure grads can continue the celebration of their achievement in a safe, fun way.

The LFAS teachers & administrators are not involved  in planning Dry Grad but the school does support the event.

​​Activities at a Dry Grad may include professional performers, dancing, movies, inflatable events, arcade or carnival attractions, an open mike & prizes.

Dry Grad ticket prices are subsidized by parent fundraising efforts (see below) and are a separate cost to the Dinner Banquet. 

All graduates and guests are required to sign a waiver prior to purchasing Dry Grad ticket.  2014 waiver to be posted in April.

Where can parent/guardians help?

​Stay Informed by emailing
DryGradLFAS@gmail.comto be added onto the Dry Grad email list!
A​ committee of  10+ people are planning and budgeting for the LFAS Dry Grad 2014.

People unable to attend the meetings can help by:
   1.  Staying informed!
   2.  Supporting fundraising efforts - Done for 2014!
   3.  ​​Volunteering for bigger fundraising events - Phew, thanx to everyone who helped out!
   4.  ​Volunteering at the official Dry Grad event.​

Please complete the below:
Volunteer Form - Helpers for Dry Grad Event.

Dry Grad 2014      Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
11:30pm ~ approx 5:30am

Ticket SALES:
9010 Nash St.  text Marti Bombardier
​@ 778-242-8189 in advance


Ticket PRICE:

Ticket Waiver
2014 Waivers
​No ticket can be sold w/o one!​

     Next Meeting
     Wed.  June 18th, 2014
      7pm ~ Tim Horton's (by Charlie's IGA) Walnut Grove

       Thank you for your support to make LFAS Dry Grad 2014 a success!
7 Degrees of Separation Contest !!!

Thank you to Preston GM for donating $2,175 to LFAS Dry Grad 2014 at the GM Test Drive Event!!!

May 20th - the week of ticket sales

​ID Salon:  up-do & make-up application on June 25th
Parlour Day Spa: Towel Shave & Haircut  + $25 gas card​​

Only Dry Grad ticket holders can win
The first Grad to complete the missing degrees is the winner.​

Hints will be posted daily the week of May 20-23 on the Twitter feed (to the left) or follow @DryGradLFAS​